New Club Board Members Elected-

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club (MC- ARC) has newly elected Board Members for election year 2018/2019 –

President – Tom Dennis / KA4VVA
Vice-President – Gary Esterly / WA7MSN
Secretary – Diane Gander / KF7NSM
Treasurer- Ed LeGault / NX6ED

The MC-ARC Board will have its first the monthly meeting, according to the Club By-Laws, on Thursday, 26 April 2018.
It will be in the MC-DEM EOC Room starting at 11AM. All club members are invited to the Board Meeting.
This is a Board meeting and NOT the monthly general membership meeting. The Board will be covering general topics
for the normal club monthly meeting scheduled for May 12th, 2018.
Any Questions, or Comments about the Board Meeting – contact Tom Dennis –


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The “New” Repeater Is Up And Running. Help Us Test It!

Brian and I have installed the new 2 meter repeater at the Harvard water tank site and have put it on the air.  Actually, it was on the air as of Tuesday afternoon, but without the courtesy tone as it wouldn’t work for some reason.  Last night I determined that somehow an adjustment on the courtesy tone board had been knocked out of a adjustment and fixed it.  We installed the tone board today and it is now working.

So we plan to let the general ham community use the machine for awhile to see what they think.  We invite any comments or complaints about its behavior.

We have installed the new repeater in such a manner that we can go back to the old repeater easily if need be.

Larry WA7GOK

Thanks Larry & Brian for getting this important upgrade completed and for your hard work on it.

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Next MC-ARC Meeting: 2018-04-14 Special Election!

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club (MC-ARC) will meet Saturday, April 14, 2018 at the Mason County Christian School, 470 Eagle Ridge Dr., Shelton, WA 98584. SEE MAP! When you park, walk to the right and down to the meeting room.

With the resignation of President Stan King on March 17th the MC-ARC needs to hold a special election on April 14th. The club needs a President, Vice President and Secretary. Please come and support your club by volunteering to serve in any of these offices.

Dues need to be up to date to vote. Ed/NX6ED would love to help you.

Screenshot-2018-4-3 Stats ‹ MC-ARC — WordPress com

Some of our Stats.


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Additional Instructions For This Next Meeting

WA7GOK-Larry is going to set up and show us our “new” repeater. So,

The program for the MCARC meeting on Saturday, March 17 will be on the new Tait 2-meter repeater.  Larry Hughes, WA7GOK, will do the presentation, which will include an over view of the hardware, an explanation of some of the firmware programming, and an actual live demonstration in which you can participate.

To participate, before the meeting, set up your handheld so that it can operate on our normal frequency pair (146.72 MHz receive and 146.12 MHz transmit), but with a different CTCSS tone of 123 Hz.  Also, set your transmit power as low as your handheld can go as you only need to be heard within the meeting room.  You could do this by going to VFO mode and setting it all up from scratch, but most modern handhelds have a way to copy a memory channel to the VFO, a function you may have never used.  Since I don’t recommend modifying your normal memory channel for this exercise, I suggest that you copy your normal channel to the VFO, change the CTCSS tone to 123 Hz and the power to low, and then write it to a spare memory channel, a good exercise in itself.  (When we actually install the new repeater at the repeater site, the CTCSS tone will be our normal frequency so you don’t need to keep this special set up.)

Larry Hughes, WA7GOK

Meanwhile, someone put okra in my Beef Pot Roast TV Dinner so I think I’ll see what the folks on 40-meters think of that.

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Next MCARC Meeting: 2018-03-17 Note Change!

March Meeting Day Changed Due To Mike & Key Annual Swap Meet!

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club will be Saturday, March 17, 2018 at the Mason County Christian School, 470 Eagle Ridge Dr., Shelton, WA 98584. SEE MAP! When you park, walk to the right and down to the meeting room.

The New Club Officers take over this meeting. Still need Vice-President and Secretary. Also looking for a backup for this web.

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