Starts at 9AM until approx. 1030, this Saturday at the Christian School.  See map to your right for complete directions.  The Agenda is short, mainly finishing the years issues, so holiday notes and of course getting prepared for the ‘winter’ operations.

This is the LAST meeting at the school.  We moved to the Department of Emergency Management starting in January 2019.  We will get the web page updated later this month.  How to all of you there one last time this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2019 !

Tom Dennis/KA4VVA – MC-ARC President    ka4vva@gmail.com

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Starting at 9AM Saturday 10 November at the Christian School. Directions to the right of this page.

The VP- Gary/WA7MSN will runt the meeting.  There are a few items that need to be voted on to include:

Moving meeting site to the MC-DEM.

Non-Profit Status and new Volunteer Coordinator for it.

and much more …..

We will also recognize our many Veterans in the Club for their services to our Country and Community.

Hope to see all of you there!


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We have lots to discuss to include:

  1. Vote on dues increases to $15.00 per member per year starting in 2019.
  2. Discuss, fix issues between By-Laws & Constitution
  3. Discuss adding “Member-At-Large” as Club Official/Board member.
  4. Having a full time Web Master to take care of this page.
  5. Proposed Meeting Location discussion. ( To MC-DEM Training Room)
  6. The Repeater as usual.  When will the ‘Beep” ever come back????

…….and much much more.   Jerry /KD7OPE will do power point on setting up mobile configuration in vehicles.  Need memebrs to bring some ‘Show & Tell” stuff they have done in Ham Radio recently for all of us to see.

9AM, Saturday 13 Octboer at the Christain School.  Look at the MAP BOX to your right for complete directions.

Hope to see all fo you there!!   Tom Dennis / KA4VVA

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Meeting this Saturday !

The monthly meeting is this Saturday, 14 July, at the Christian Church.  See the map on your right for help.  We’ll start around 9AM and try to close up around 1030AM.

Jerry/KD7OPE will talk about Field Day and have some photos to show of the event. Afterwards, Tom/KA4VVA will talk about the trip up to the South Mountain repeaters last month, and will also provide some pictures of the sites operations.

The business meeting will be afterwards and we as usual, have lots to talk about.  Hope to see all of you there this month.

______________________________  30 ___________________________  🙂

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June Club Events

MC-ARC will have two major events this month for members attend:

  1.  June Monthly Club Meeting:  It is be at 9AM (We changed start times – you get to sleep in longer!! ) at the school.  See the map to your right, forget the earlier time. Major discussions will be a “Show & Tell ” period PRIOR to the club business.  The subject for this month will be members bringing projects related to Field Day.  Of course we’ll have coffee  and snacks again – got to keep you full of caffeine and sugar !!  VE Testing at 11AM at the PUD.  Hope to see all of you at he meeting.
  2.  2018 ARRL FIELD DAY.  The “North Club” is hosting FD this year near the NW Steel Building in Belfair.  Check out their web page for complete details, or refer to your recent Club Newsletter for the basics.  Bring your skills, gear, some food and drink, (probably sun tan lotion would be also recommended…) and we’ll have some radio fun for 24 hours!
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