We’ve recently changed our post office box, here is the new address:

Mason County Amateur Radio Club – N7SK

Post Office Box 3236

Shelton, Washington  98584

Our FCC and ARRL information has also been updated.  Please update you personal files with this new address.

Don’t forget the monthly meeting next Saturday the 9th at 9AM.


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January Meeting This Saturday !

Don’t forget, we’re at the DEM now – see directions on the map to your right.  Check the newsletter for special driving instructions for Northbound 101 members.

Saturday, 12 January, Gate open at 0845, closes at 0900. Late folks park out front and use the front door.  Meeting rusn from 9AM until approx. 1030 or so.

We plan to have Brian show us the Mobile Repeater Software Program, and Jerry will do a power point on the new “White Comm Van” at the DEM.  We’ll also have an ‘Open House” period for members to check out the Radio Room in the EOC.

We’ll be in the EOC for three months, nice comfortable ‘captains chairs’ to fall asleep in, so drink lots of coffee and eat some sugar donuts!!!  In April, we’ll move out into the large training room.

We’ll have a Audit on the 23rd, need 3 volunteers to check the paperwork.  Last Board meeting of the current Officers on the 31st.  Drop by and complain a while:)

Elections in March, we’ll take nominations in February.

And last, maybe someone under 65 would take this web page over full time and make us a up-to-date web page…any volunteers? – My time at this ends in late March (Hint Hint..)

Under then – stay safe and keep that Frequency Greased on your model “TR” Double “E” branch-line. :))



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Starts at 9AM until approx. 1030, this Saturday at the Christian School.  See map to your right for complete directions.  The Agenda is short, mainly finishing the years issues, so holiday notes and of course getting prepared for the ‘winter’ operations.

This is the LAST meeting at the school.  We moved to the Department of Emergency Management starting in January 2019.  We will get the web page updated later this month.  How to all of you there one last time this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2019 !

Tom Dennis/KA4VVA – MC-ARC President

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Starting at 9AM Saturday 10 November at the Christian School. Directions to the right of this page.

The VP- Gary/WA7MSN will runt the meeting.  There are a few items that need to be voted on to include:

Moving meeting site to the MC-DEM.

Non-Profit Status and new Volunteer Coordinator for it.

and much more …..

We will also recognize our many Veterans in the Club for their services to our Country and Community.

Hope to see all of you there!


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We have lots to discuss to include:

  1. Vote on dues increases to $15.00 per member per year starting in 2019.
  2. Discuss, fix issues between By-Laws & Constitution
  3. Discuss adding “Member-At-Large” as Club Official/Board member.
  4. Having a full time Web Master to take care of this page.
  5. Proposed Meeting Location discussion. ( To MC-DEM Training Room)
  6. The Repeater as usual.  When will the ‘Beep” ever come back????

…….and much much more.   Jerry /KD7OPE will do power point on setting up mobile configuration in vehicles.  Need memebrs to bring some ‘Show & Tell” stuff they have done in Ham Radio recently for all of us to see.

9AM, Saturday 13 Octboer at the Christain School.  Look at the MAP BOX to your right for complete directions.

Hope to see all fo you there!!   Tom Dennis / KA4VVA

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