Starting 01 June 2018, Mason County ARES and RACES were combined and reorganized to operate like the Washington State EMD ARES/RACES Plan. Volunteer members have options of participating in three levels of operations:

  • Level 1: “At-Home” or Neighborhood area communications by ARES/RACES members. They would primarily work at home or nearby providing amateur radio communications help to their friends, businesses, and others in the immediate area.
  • Level 2: “Communities and County” level ARES/RACES Members. They would be equipped with more amateur radio mobile gear and work for local communities, and cities throughout the county in Public Service events or disaster assistance activities.
  • Level 3: “MC-DEM Communication Unit (MC-COMMU) members”. These are MC-ARES/RACES members that have completed required ICS courses and they will work in the MC-DEM Emergency Operating Center Radio Room, Communications Van and other designated fixed or mobile ICS operational locations.


The MC-ARES/RACES and CommU members meet at 1800 hours on the last Tuesday of the month at the MC-DEM. All Amateur Radio members are invited to attend.


MC-ARES/RACES has a check-in Net, just before the MC-ARC Net, the FIRST Sunday of the month, at 1930 (7:30) PM local on the MC-ARC 2 meter repeater.

For more information, contact Tom Dennis, MC-ARES EC at:

List of emergency frequencies


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