Library Resources

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club has a wide range of library resources to lend to club members. Contact Club President Brian at bcore [at] hctc [dot] com to arrange for use of these items.

Library list

  2. The ARRL RFI BOOK, 2ND Edition
  3. Digital Satellite & Telemetry Guide. Dayton 2005 Edition. G. Smith WA4SXM
  4. ARRL’s Wire Antenna Classics
  5. More ARRL Wire Antenna Classics. Volume 2
  7. Antenna Compendium ARRL Vol. 2
  8. Antenna Compendium ARRL Vol. 3
  9. Antenna Compendium ARRL Vol. 6
  10. Antenna Compendium ARRL Vol. 7
  11. Antenna Compendium ARRL Vol. 1
  12. More QRP Power. Articles from QST & QEX
  13. Low Band Dxing 1st Edition. ON4UN Antennas & techniques 160-40 meters
  14. Low Band Dxing 2nd Edition ON4UN
  15. ARRL Antenna Book 14th Edition. 1983
  16. ARRL Antenna Book 17th Edition. 1994
  17. Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur. W1FB & W7ZOI. 1977
  18. Low Band Dxing 3rd Edition. ON4UN Antennas & techniques.
  19. ARRL Electronics data book. Potpourri of equations, nomographs, data charts, tables
    and explanations of terms and methods.
  20. 73 Vertical, Beam, and Triangle Antennas. W3FQJ
  21. Transmission Line Transformers. Jerry Sevick, W2FMI
  22. 73 Dipole and Long-Wire Antennas. W3FQJ
  23. The Amateur Radio Vertical Antenna Book. N6PL
  24. RSGB HF Antenna Collection. G4LQI Articles from Radio Communication 1968-1969.
  25. The Radio Amateur’s Handbook, 1979. ARRL
  26. Reflections II. Transmission Lines and Antennas. Maxwell, W2DU. Smith Chart info, Understanding SWR, Transmatches, Baluns,etc.
  27. Getting started with amateur satellites 2009
  28. W1FB’s Design Notebook. Practical circuits for experimenters.
  29. Hints & Kinks 15th edition. 2000