Logos for Club Members

Logos for club members are available for download below. To download, click the image and when the image page opens, right-click on the image and select “download” or “save as.”

JPG images

JPG images are on a white background and are best used on pages and prints with a white background.

PDF files

PDF files show the images printed on a white background.

PNG files

PNG files are on a clear background so they work best on pages and prints with a light-colored background. It need not be white.

With appreciation

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club appreciates the help provided by The Shopper in Shelton, Washington in the crafting of these images. The assistance we received was fast and friendly, and the guidance provided as we worked toward the final images was very helpful.

How to order logo wear

The Shopper has the Club logos on file and can create logo wear for you. When you discuss ordering items from them, please tell them you want to use the Mason County Amateur Radio Club logo!