Communications Academy

Communications Academy 2010

Communications Academy 2010

The 12th annual Communications Academy will be held April 10-11, 2010, at South Seattle Community College. The title this year is: Bringing Professionalism to Amateur Emergency Communications.

The Communications Academy is open to anyone with an interest in emergency communications, volunteer or professional. The presentations are designed to promote the development of knowledgeable, skilled emergency communicators who will support their local communities during a disaster or emergency response.

UPDATE: Jean AA7JK and Tom W3ROK attended Sunday’s session of Communications Academy, where we collected some photographs of portable stations on display. Station number two won the grand prize.

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5 Responses to Communications Academy

  1. KC7USS says:

    HI ALL, I have been to the Communications Academy before and I found it to be time well spent. I believe that anyone with a interest in Emergency Communications should go.


  2. W3ROK says:

    I’m hoping to go, but that means I’ll miss another club meeting 😦


  3. W3ROK says:

    The Comm Academy website is having some problems. If you wish to register, please don’t give up!


  4. W3ROK says:

    There was a portable station competition, and I’ve attached photos of most of the stations. The one in the orange box won the grand prize, which consisted of a new Icom HF radio…and the winner was very appreciative, because the radio in the photo was his *only* radio up to that point.


  5. kc7uss says:

    HI Yaw, I like all the portable station’s. You can tell that it took allot of thought and planning to put them together. Real glad I did not have the job of picking witch one was best.


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