Amateur Extra Class sessions to be taught

Extra Class License Manual

ARRL Manual

We are pleased to announce an amateur radio class will be taught to help licensed amateurs upgrade to their Amateur Extra Class license. David Brooks N7HT will be the primary instructor. Sessions will be held every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm, starting January 20, 2010 and continuing for eight to ten weeks. The Extra Class exam will be given at the end of the class.

Classes will be held at Fire Station 13 on Cloquallum Road. Each student must pay a five dollar fee to take the class, and all students must have the ARRL Extra Class license manual, a copy of the FCC Part 97 regulations, and a basic scientific calculator.

For more information, contact David Brooks by email.

Required materials:

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  1. W3ROK says:

    Just ordered my copy of the FCC rules from Amazon: $10.86 with standard shipping and sales tax 🙂


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