EE-3 Antenna Bulk Buy:

Attn: ARES member – MCARC members – Belfair Club Members

I received the two attached e mails from ARES leadership.The first attachment is the offer and related email correspondence. This is a QST article on the antenna. Although the offer to purchase the antenna says ARES members any one can take advantage. Use the link in the reply to section of Lynn’s email to order. Let me know if you order one ( I have) I will pick them up in Seattle and hand them out at the club meetings. You must place your orders with in the next week to take advantage of this offer.


Several years ago I coordinated a bulk buy of EE-3 antennas for the Red Cross.  See the attached QST review.
These are excellent antennas for EmComm use:
–  They cover three bands – 144/220 & 440 MHz
–  They fold down to shirt pocket size
–  They take about a minute to assemble and disassemble
–  The cost is VERY reasonable
–  THEY WORK!!!  All you need to do is add feedline and a radio.
I contacted the manufacturer this morning, and he is gearing up for a production run.  He has to order large quantities of components to keep the cost down, so he only goes into production every two or three years. The costs are not final, but it looks like we can obtain them at a cost of under $25 each if a sizable bulk order is made.
I am willing to front the money to get the order going, but need a showing of interest.  Once the price is finalized I would need advance payment and you could expect delivery within six weeks.  If you belong to another emcomm group please pass this information along and attempt to set up a bulk buy for  your group.  If you do this I would need one person to deal with for the group.
These antennas would be available ONLY for pickup at the Red Cross chapter in Seattle – I will NOT ship them.
 Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO
DST/Assistant Comm Lead
American Red Cross
Serving King & Kitsap Counties

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