Next MCARC Meeting: 2015-11-14

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club will meet Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 8:30 AM at the Alpine Way Retirement Apartments in Shelton, Washington. (Coffee provided) Y’all come join us. Everybody is welcome! Remember that Testing is immediately after the meeting. (See sidebar.)

A majority of the active Members having voted for, and approved, the Club buying a new repeater, everyone that can should come to this meeting to help make the decision on which repeater to purchase. This is really important and will affect the Club for years to come so your input is needed. Nothing has been decided yet; but it could be this meeting.

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2 Responses to Next MCARC Meeting: 2015-11-14

  1. Rick Kimitsuka. KH6OM says:

    Perhaps thinking about getting a repeater with narrow band options. 12.5 kHz Perhaps getting one with digital. capability. KH6OM. Rick


    • N7SK says:

      Those would be my vote! 🙂 Come to the meeting and help find out.
      Nice hearing from you, Rick.


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