Starts at 9AM until approx. 1030, this Saturday at the Christian School.  See map to your right for complete directions.  The Agenda is short, mainly finishing the years issues, so holiday notes and of course getting prepared for the ‘winter’ operations.

This is the LAST meeting at the school.  We moved to the Department of Emergency Management starting in January 2019.  We will get the web page updated later this month.  How to all of you there one last time this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2019 !

Tom Dennis/KA4VVA – MC-ARC President    ka4vva@gmail.com

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2 Responses to 08 DECEMBER 2018 MEETING

  1. kg7tsw says:

    don’t you mean the meeting place will change in January of twenty-nineteen, not twenty-eighteen?


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