Top 10 Ham Radio Web Sites

The ARRL published a useful list of some web sites important to ham radio operators. (If you spot a good site that is new to you, let us know!) For 2009, the top ten sites are:

  1. ARRLWeb
  2. Amateur Radio on Wikipedia
  3. The ARRL’s Welcome to the World of Ham Radio
  4. CQ Amateur Radio Magazine
  5. The Call Sign Database
  6. Amateur Radio Web Ring
  7. AC6V’s Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide
  9. Amateur Radio on
  10. FCC: Wireless Services: Amateur Radio Service: Amateur Home
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2 Responses to Top 10 Ham Radio Web Sites

  1. W3ROK says:

    I noticed the Amateur Radio Web Ring is in a holding pattern as in it is not accepting any new sites.


  2. KC7USS says:

    Top 10 Amateur Radio Web Sites. No.9 Amateur Radio on 101 is a new one for me.Nice site with some good links. Also I wish that would have made the top 10 list.LB Cebik “SK” for his work on antenna modeling and antenna design information.


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