2012 Washington Salmon Run

http://www.wwdxc.org/images/stories/SalmonRun/2012rules.pdf      7 pages


• Washington stations: RS(T) and County

• Non-Washington stations: RS(T) and State, Province (see multiplier list), or DXCC entity OBJECT Stations outside Washington work only Washington stations for QSO Points and County Multiplier credit. Stations within Washington work stations in States, Canadian call areas, DXCC entities, and Washington Counties for QSO Points and Multiplier credit.


The third full weekend of September from 1600Z Saturday through 0700Z Sunday and then from 1600Z – 2400Z Sunday. All operators may operate all

23 hours of the contest.

2012: September 15-16

2013: September 21-22


• Contest Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 2 meters • No contacts on 60, 30, 17, or 12 meters are allowed Suggested Frequencies:

CW 1850, 3550, 7045, 14050, 21050, 28040 kHz and 50.095 MHz Phone 1850, 3925, 7260, 14280, 21380, 28380 kHz and 50.130 MHz Digital Around the customary calling frequencies by mode

Smoked Salmon Prizes

Packages of smoked salmon will be awarded to the highest scoring entry in each DXCC entity and each US Call District (0 through 9).

To qualify for prizes the minimum number of QSOs is: DX 25 and USA 50.

Other salmon prizes, awards and sponsored plaques at the discretion of the awards committee. See awards page at www.wwdxc.org/salmonrun for current list.

All decisions of judges are final.

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