Our combined Feb/Mar. meeting is this Saturday, the 16th, 9AM at the DEM EOC.  IF, and that is a BIG IF, other scheduled organizations have cancelled classes in the larger rooms, we will move there for the meeting.  Directions on the right of the page.  Jerry/KD7OPE will have the gate open 0850-0900.  After that, find parking out front as you can and come down the hall to the meeting room.  DO NOT BLOCK THE GATES IN ANY WAY !!! Leave room for County Trucks to come in – you know, the big ones with the plows on front!

We will have two periods for nominations for new Board Officers, a “Show & Tell” period, members business meeting and finally, elections.  We need to fill four of the five positions.  Ann has volunteered to be the Treasurer once again.  Let’s get some ‘new blood’ in charge and get things going for the Club in 2019!

We’ll also talk Field Day,  just about 90 days out – lots of decisions to be made.  Come to the meeting and voice your concerns about everything so we can make it better for all of us to enjoy!

C ya – TomD.     Do you really want this at a meeting?????? (See below ! 🙂


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