Next MCARC Meeting!

The Club is able meet at the Public Works Building Covid -19 restrictions in effect.

Those that have been vaccinated- do not have to wear a mask

Those that are not vaccinated have to wear a mask.

Still social distancing in effect- 6 ft spacing.

August 28th -Saturday 9:00 am at DEM (public works building)

VE training- Dave (N7HT) If anyone would like to find out about training or exams- send him an e-mail.
Also Dave is offering a Technician Class (see below)

Good morning Brian;

I wanted to let you know that I’m working getting a Technician Class set up. The class will be held at the DEM on Tuesdays starting on September 28, 2021 from 7 to 9 pm. The class will run ten weeks in length. The class has a limit of twenty (20) people. The book that is required for the class is the Ham Radio License Manual, current edition, published by the ARRL (approximately $30.00) and there is an additional fee of $10.00 for materials for the class.



Also, in case y’all hadn’t noticed: It’s Hot Out There! Be safe and get to a cooling station if you have too!

Hope to see y’all at the meeting!

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