Really, Really Wet Wx Moving In Over The Next Few Days

From the Cliff Mass Wx Blog:

Very heavy rain and flooding will be arriving on Monday, the result of a potent atmospheric river. Some locations in the lowlands will receive 2-4 inches on Monday, with twice that in “favored” mountain locations.

The origin of our wet future is a strong atmospheric river, a narrow region of large amounts of moisture, originating in the subtropics. To illustrate, below is a plot of total moisture from the surface to the top of the atmosphere at 4 AM Monday. As you might guess, the reddish colors are the largest amounts.

This atmospheric river starts north of Hawaii and heads northeastward right into our region. And when that river of moisture is forced upward by our regional terrain, an amazing amount of precipitation will be released. 2-3 inches over Puget Sound and as much as 7-10 inches in the mountains. Profound rain shadow from Sequim to northern Whidbey Island.

So (back to me) hang on to your buttocks we’re gonna get wet. Could be some wind with all that so make sure your antenna(s) are secured.

Suppose I *could* do a Lieutenant Dan in the storm from the top of my tower …

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