FOR SALE: Comet Window Feed-Thru Jumpers CTC-50M

Brand new, never been used window pass thru. From catalog $54.95. From me $30…what a deal! I’ve got 3. Contact Ann KI7TAF/AE.

“Comet Window Feed-Thru Jumpers are flexible, 50 ohm, flat feedline assemblies with SO-239 UHF female connectors at each end. They are used for routing RF through a window frame without drilling holes for the coax cable or connectors.”

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Tom has worked with conservation districts since 1992, managing operations in two districts and providing statewide help on governance, technology, and accountability issues. He has been a board director of two state associations of conservation districts and the president of a statewide employee's association. Tom currently serves as the Executive Director of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts. Tom enjoys sailing and is a licensed amateur radio operator.
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  1. Dave says:

    I am interested in the pass throughs – W7UAL


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