radiotowerThe Mason County Amateur Radio Club sponsors two open repeaters under the call sign N7SK, located in Shelton, Washington. These repeaters are available for the use and enjoyment of all licensed amateur radio operators.

  • The 2-meter repeater operates at 146.72 megahertz, with a negative offset of 600 kilohertz, and a 103.5 hertz subtone.
  • The 70-centimeter repeater operates at 443.25 megahertz, with a positive offset, and a 100 hertz subtone.

MCARC supports the club repeaters through donations. If you’d like to help keep these repeaters available to help our community in times of emergency, please give. Contact us to learn how to donate.

The North Mason Amateur Radio Emergency Service Club (NMARES) also supports a repeater at 145.17 MHz, negative offset, with a PL tone of 103.5 Hz.

For more information on repeaters and how to use them, visit HamUniverse.

Other clubs in the region also support or use repeaters. Please find below links to more information about those 2-meter repeaters: