Weekly nets


Every week there are several radio nets where amateur radio operators can hone their skills and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow hams.

Our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nets are open to all amateur radio operators. Join us for an hour of interesting talk about everything under the sun and the opportunity to get to know other hams.

If you’re interested in Morse Code, a slow-speed CW net operates daily.

Looking for the Western Washington Medical Services Team? Visit their website at http://www.ww7mst.org/ for more information.

Sunday7:30 pm146.720 MHz, negative offset, PL tone 103.5 HzChat net, everyone welcomeThis informal chat net is called our weekly ragchew net
Tuesday7:30 to 8:30 pm28.450 MHz upper side bandChat net, everyone welcomeActive September to June, may be active at times during summer months

If you need help configuring your radio to work with these repeater frequencies, visit HamUniverse or contact any club member.

Net preamble template

MCARC has a template for a net preamble. This preamble is offered as a helpful guide for members who wish to serve as net control for a net.

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