Safety, Science, Service, Support

What do these terms mean?

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club’s newest logo features four words that describe key aspects of the club: safety, science, service, and support. What do these terms mean?


The Club supports emergency communications when called upon. The Club’s repeaters are available for use by licensed hams, not only in emergencies but also to help assure public safety at public events.


Amateur radio operators (also known as hams) have invented many technologies or worked on important science that shaped our world, both past and present. For example:

  • K1JT Dr. Joseph Taylor: 1993 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
  • K2AMH Robert Moog: inventor of the Moog synthesizer
  • K2GL Hazard Reeves: inventor of stereo sound system
  • NE2Q Jay Kolinksy: electronic siren inventor
  • W2SGG Robert Cusumano: co-inventory of printed circuits
  • W5GLJ George Marti: remote broadcast technology pioneer
  • K9EID Bob Heil: concert sound engineer, inventor
  • And many other hams!

Many hams choose to build the tools they need to operate their radio stations. The culture of building and inventing runs deep in the ham radio community.


The Club has a set of pages devoted to Public Service. Club members are active in ARES, RACES, the Mason County Communications Unit, and public events.


Support is an area we rarely talk about but which many Club members cherish. Club members provide a supportive environment for hams of all skill levels. Members recognize that each is on a journey of continual learning and they enjoy hearing what other hams are doing.