Linux Journal devotes January issue to ham radio


Linux Journal

Linux Journal, a long-standing magazine devoted to the Linux operating system, features amateur radio in their January 2010 issue. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced with Linux, this issue offers many gems for hams.

Says the ARRL: To kick off the new year, computer magazine Linux Journal has come out with an entire issue dedicated to Amateur Radio and the creative uses of open source computer programs. This 80 page issue features Tux, the Linux mascot on its cover wearing a pair of headphones, holding a microphone — and even sporting an Emergency Coordinator badge around his neck — hooked up to an HF transceiver. The issue has headlines on the cover such as “Amateur Radio and Linux — Open Source for the New Generation,” and “Get Started with Amateur Radio.”

If you’re a Linux user and a ham, you may be interested in visiting Linux Journal’s online ham shack. Links to various Linux-based amateur radio software are near the bottom of the page at

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