Hidden Transmitter Hunt: 2012-07-07

Hello NW ARDFers…

I previously announced that the hams in Tacoma probably would be hosting a hidden transmitter hunt on July 7. This message is to firm up that date. So here’s the big news:

Hidden Transmitter Hunt in Tacoma

Saturday July 7, 2012 Starts at Noon to 5 PM

Location: Pt Defiance Park, Ft Nisqually Living History Museum Picnic Area Parking Lot

Notes: This can be a car hunt- which means: Drive around, take bearings, park the car, get out and walk a bit. OR… an On Foot Only hunt. You decide.

Here’s the google map: KR7W created a map with Meridian Lines: Map (pdf)

More Notes:

There will be 5 international style hidden Ts…. And 2 or 3 Ammo Can style XMTRS.

There will be a scoring method similar to Field Day or CQ WW contest… with multipliers based on these factors:

Use a Car or Only on Foot

Use an Active Attenuator & HT or not

How many bunnies found

Time taken to find what you found.

Is it Raining?

But just like any contest… you can participate and not calculate and not send in your score. It’s up to you. However, the hunter with the highest score gets the coveted trophy. There is a ‘clean sweep’ award.

Stay tuned for another announcement regarding maps to print, helpful hints, and other info.

Let me know if you have any Questions. Best Regards…. Rich KR7W Tacoma, WA

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