Annual South American Lighthouse Weekend

The Lighthouse Lens

SALW:   Feb. 21 – 24, 2013
Just a reminder:  This weekend is the annual South American Lighthouse Weekend. Many clubs throughout SA will be activated, and the event is co-sponsored by the ARLHS.  Each year it has grown in popularity. The list of participants is now 12 pages long!  (See KA3UNQ operating hints in the paragraphs below.)
Some Tips About Operating the SALW from KA3UNQ
If you are on the lookout this weekend to work the many news ones  being offered up during the South American Lighthouse Weekend, here is the URL  to the listing of lights/calls/ARLHS Numbers/QSL info that have signed up for this years event: 

If you print this out, its 12 pages long, at least on my machine. Many of us are used to working 20 meters and above when looking to work a lighthouse. This weekend 40 meters should deserve a lot of your attention because, as noted in previous years, many of the stations listed rarely venture higher than 40. Keep an eye on the DX clusters for postings.

Also be aware of the adventure of getting confirmations for many of the lights you may work. Yes, some stations and clubs are very cooperative and fall  into the “good” category. Others don’t. I’m still waiting for cards from the  2011 event.

Also be aware of changes is postal rates from these countries as you calculate how much to send for return postage. The following is a good site to determine that:

It would be a good idea to print this out (approx 8 pages) because its a handy thing to have around. I just noticed mine is for 2012 and that is definitely out of date. Time for me to get a new one. 

Good luck to all and have fun in the chase de Jim KA3UNQ (ARLHS #278)

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