2017-07-29: EOC to EOC Drill 1000-1200

This Saturday July 29th is an EOC to EOC drill. (Emergency Operating Center)
The time is from 10 AM – 12 Noon. All are asked to participate.

Please check in using your name & phonetic spelling of call sign.

I will be the Net control and will be running 3 nets.

First        10:00-10:30 on the MCARC repeater         146.720 tone of 103.5
Second   10:30-11:00 on simplex                               146.440
Third       11:00-11:30  on the MCARC 440 repeater  443.250 tone of 100

Please participate on one or all three frequencies.

Keep in mind when an emergency happens you may not have access to the repeater.
You may have to use simplex and we may not be able to hear each other.
RELAYS are greatly appreciated for weak stations.

Thanks for your support and hope to hear you on the air.
Saturday July 29th from 10-12  noon.


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