Fifth Saturday Drill For December 2017

     NAME OF DRILL: ARES 5th Saturday Drill (date has been changed due to

    DATE: December 17th 2017

    DAY   Sunday

    TIME 5PM through 6PM

    FREQUENCY #1 Belfair repeater    145.17000    offset -0.6    Pl

    FREQUENCY #2 Shelton 70cm/440  repeater     443.25000     offset  +5.0
        Pl 100.0

    INSTRUCTIONS: All amateur operators are encouraged to check in with
both repeaters net control during the one hour drill. The purpose of
the drill is to test the capabilities of both repeaters for use during
an emergency.And to familiarize amateur operators with the two

Thank you for your interest and participation

Dave Eavnder/AC7YX  Mason County ARRL EC

Also an Emergency net on simplex 146.440 at 6 PM.

Hope you can check into all three.

Thanks for your support and hope to hear you on the air. We all need to plan and be prepared for an emergency. When we practice these drills it helps in the preparation.


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