Meeting Reminder: March 9th @ 0830

Just in case it got lost behind all the other announcements. Same place as usual! (See sidebar at right.)

I believe we still need some volunteers for Club Officers; but don’t hold me to that… We could also use some member pictures, member pictures of events, and maybe use the Comments section to tell us how you got into Ham Radio; to help get new folks interested in the hobby. Or we could post your story from an e-mail?…

Note: The NMARES website will be going down for a short time next month. NMARES decided they aren’t taking in enough in dues to continue the website. KF7LTT will be trying to port it to a free hosting site (probably WordPress). Maybe even a Google+ & Twitter account! (Gotta attract new members somehow!)

Reminder: If anyone has Club News or other things you think important to the members, by all means e-mail them to KF7LTT for posting here.

From Field Day 2012

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