Meshapalooza 2013

“Meshapalooza” is the Second MESH Networking Hands-on Workshop presented by

~9AM to 5:30PM+ on Saturday March 16th, 2013. Lunch is from 12:30 noon to 1:30pm at local Auburn WA. Cafes.

Location, One East Main Street @ the Annex Bldg in downtown Auburn WA. Suite #380 up on the 3rd floor. Downstairs doors are open from ~8:45am to 9:00am

Program Starting off @ 9am with a One Hour Long “Show and Tell Presentation”

Subjects:  ( Revisions will happen )

— Applications to run “on and over” a Mesh Network; Neighborhood networks (What to use your WRT for)

— VoIP / SIP Telephony, Voice over IP on the Mesh Network

— Video “chat”, Video on the Mesh Network

— Pogoplug Ver 4 as a Linux Server

— Pogoplug as your DRATS Ratflector

— DSTAR Voice over the Mesh Network

— D-RATS / IRC, DRATS Data over the Mesh Network

— Breakout Networking Class; Basic network infrastructure (other router types, pros/cons of devices, and cabling choices)

— Breakout Class; High-level; discussing the various routers available to us and pros/cons of the models; Limitations to Cat5e / Cat6 cabling, differences between switches, and hubs,,,, etc.

— Breakout Class; Advanced firmware (JTAG / Custom builds)

— Breakout Class; Linux Introduction ( Bootable Linux on a 16GB+ USB 3.0 Thumb Drive)

– Debian can be downloaded from here:

and the Install instructions from here:

– Ubuntu can be downloaded from here:

– How to create a USB flash media boot Linux:

The instructions for the USB flash media are specific for Debian but can be used with any Linux distribution.

Using the USB Flash media is a great way to try out different versions and desktop environments to find the one you like the best.

— Breakout IRC Class

— Breakout Class; Long range / Backbone discussion (antennas, routers or other devices, physical locations where hardware is or could be installed)

— Breakout Class, Failover routing and/or meshing cabled links for directional antennas

— Mobile applications (active GPS tracking?)

— Applications – “What if.” or “Hey, what about..” Best discussed over Lunch and Dinner @ Local Cafes.

To Register and Sign-up, Please send:

1.- Your Name

2.- Your Call

3.- Your Phone#

4.- Your Email Address

5.- and the Workshop # 13525-MESH-P


For Maximum Fun, Bring your WRT54G and your Bullets for upgrades and tweaking.

Also Bring your Mikrotik RB750 Routers. (+ Computer & Power supply, Power Strip and CAT5 Cables)

73 de Bill KL7BB 206-400-1723

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