Mason County ARES will participate in the EOC to EOC drill on Saturday August 30 2014, Instructions for participating are as follows.

#1 The drill will be held n Saturday August 30,2014

#2 The drill will commence at 0900 hrs.

#3 The drill will conclude by 0930 hrs.

#4 The drill will take place on the 146.720 frequency (- 103.5)

#5 The Net Control for the drill will be the Mason County EC Dave Evander/AC7YX

#6 The drill will be conducted in the same manner as the monthly ARES check in. This will be by alphabetical roll call of ARES members using call sign suffixs. Those who are not ARES members may check in at the conclusion of the roll call.

Thank you for your participation

D.Evander/AC7YX, Mason County EC

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