Notice: January Meeting Cancelled @ Alpine

Subject: 1/10/15 meeting at Alpine

I am contacting you about our self imposed quarantine.  There is a bug going around and we are canceling all outside meetings for the time being.  I assume this will not last too long.  We have to cancel the 10th.  Should we reschedule to a different Saturday this month?  You still have the standing meeting times for the year.

Let me know if you want a different Saturday this month.

Thank You

Sheri Chase


Anyone want to reschedule the meeting to another Saturday for January, or just go on to the February meeting. In either case, I’m sure everyone hope for the best @ Alpine Meadows.

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2 Responses to Notice: January Meeting Cancelled @ Alpine

  1. Pat KG7GUL says:

    wished I read this before today


    • N7SK says:

      I do keep telling everyone to check the website fairly often. And to sign up for new posting e-mails.
      Copied your e-mail address and I can add you to the list I’m slowly growing.
      Sorry you showed up to an empty meeting, Pat!


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