Next MC-ARC Meeting: 2017-02-11

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club will meet Saturday, Feb 11, 2017 @ 8:30 AM at the Alpine Way Continuing Care Community in Shelton, Washington. (Coffee provided) Y’all come join us. Everybody is welcome! Remember that Testing is immediately after the meeting. (See sidebar.) Also be sure to check our Forums occasionally for “stuff.”

My Summer Project Being Weatherized!

Also, this is the annual meeting where nominations for Club Officers are taken for the next year. KF7NSM-Diane sent an e-mail that reminds of us this and “If you don’t want to be  nominated for secretary, be there. If you do want to be the secretary, then by all means be there or let me know and I’ll make sure you have the job.” (I’d be there!)

Also: KF7COB-Chris forwarded an e-mail about House Bill 1371;  Revises distracted driving provisions with regard to portable electronic devices which are defined as a device that is capable of wireless communication or electronic data retrieval and is not manufactured primarily for hands-free use in a motor vehicle.

The bill repeals Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 46.61.667 and 668. Then will add a new RCW that addresses personal electronic device while driving a motor vehicle on a public highway. Unlike the current statute, the proposed law does not provide an exemption for members of the Federal Communications Commission’s Amateur Radio Service.

On February 9, 2017, at 3:30 p.m. the bill will be discussed in the House Committee on Transportation. It is suggested that you keep tabs on the bill at the site above in case the meeting time changes. The Western Washington Section State Government Liaison Lee
Chambers, KI7SS, is planning on attending the meeting. It would help greatly if you could attend to explain what the impact would be on you and your stakeholders if the bill is passed as written.

Also: (Last one) If y’all experienced LOA (Loss Of Antenna) during our last snow storm, log on to our forums and pass on your story, what you learned, and how you plan to NOT experience LOA during the next storm. (Did kind of catch us by surprise!)

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