Why you should join an amateur radio club

An interesting net topic arose recently: what do members get from being part of an amateur radio club?

Net participants suggested these benefits of being a club member:

  • The club is a place to get, and give, help.
  • It provides contact with local radio amateurs.
  • What a great place to get an introduction to ham radio.
  • You hear other people’s ideas.
  • Members help new people learn what to do in an emergency.
  • I would not have gone for my license without a local club.
  • Help building a station.

Why should people join and participate in an amateur radio club? Post your ideas in the comments! (And if you’re interested in the joining the Mason County Amateur Radio Club, we bid you a warm welcome!)

We’ve also posted this question on the WorldWideDX forum and will roll up the replies as an update to this post.

And we’ve posted this question to the Ham Radio Help Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HamRadioHelpGroup.

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1 Response to Why you should join an amateur radio club

  1. KC7USS says:

    Three more reasons. Reason 1: To increase one’s growth within the hobby through active participation and the exchange of ideas. Reason 2: It’s hard to go to a amateur radio club meeting and not learn something new. Reason 3: An amateur radio club meeting is a great place to go to transmit and receive information without having to worry about propagation or band conditions.


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