MC-ARC Field Day 2011 Planning…

From KE7RPR (Al) at MC-ARC:

Hello All,
Below and attached you will see the starting list provided by Ed and modified by me. This is a list I would like to put a lot of detail in so that it could be used each year. I would also like to make it so that we can ask other members to bring specific items or types of items (if they plan on attending of course). As you can see there are a few items already being provided by members. Your input would be greatly appreciated. I hope to have this together for the Feb Club meetings so we can then start getting everyone’s input and solidify the plans by the end of the May meetings. With of course final adjustments in June.

If you see any changes needed just email me. We will also discuss at the upcoming on air FD meetings


Field Day Food Committee

Committee Members: AK7H, KE7RPR, N7ORM, KF7GWG, KF7GEM, and KF7LTU

Field Day Operations: Friday 27THSetup thru Sunday 29TH Breakdown

A. Eating Necessities

a. Plates

b. Silverware

c. Napkins

d. Bulk Water & paper towels

e. Charcoal for BBQ

f. Condiments – Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise,

g. Sliced -Dill Pickles, Onions, Tomatoes

h. Cheese for Hamburgers and snacks

B. Event Snacks

a. Costco pretzels

b. Water/ Soda                            i.W7LUU – 3 cases of diet soft drinks – coke, sprite, other

ii.KF7GWG – Home brew

iii.Ice and Coolers

c. Fruits and Vegetables

d. Chips

e. Dips

f. Others                                                  i.KF7GWG – Pretzels

ii.KE7RPR – Pumpkin and Blueberry zucchini breads

C. Friday Post Setup Meal

a. Potluck dishes

i.KE7RPR – Baked Beans

b. BBQ – meats

D. Saturday

a. Breakfast

i. Eggs

ii. Bacon



b. Lunch (Snacking only)

c. Dinner

i. PotLuck

ii. BBQ meats

E. Sunday

a. Breakfast Pre Breakdown Meal

i. Eggs

ii.  Bacon

iii. Pancakes/waffles

iv. Pastries

Note: An inventory of Paper plates, Cups, Coffee, Cocoa, Coffee Pot, and Plastic ware in the trailer needs to be checked.


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