Next MC-ARC Meeting: 2013-01-12 (2013!!)

IF we all survived the Mayan Calendar running out and the world didn’t end, The Mason County Amateur Radio Club will meet Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 8:30 am at the Alpine Way Retirement Apartments in Shelton, Washington. (Coffee provided)   Need directions?

VE exams for all license levels are offered the second Saturday of each month (usually right after our meeting) at 1000 (10 A.M.) at the PUD#3, Auditorium A, 2621 Johns Prairie Rd., Shelton. Click on the link or come to the meeting for directions. For testing you will need the original and a copy of your present license (if you have your ticket already), some form of ID with YOUR picture on it and $15.

MC-ARC hopes everyone had a great, and safe, Christmas and New Years! Bring your new handhelds to the next meeting!

NET Reminder: We still have our Chat Nets every Sunday & Wednesday evenings @ 1930 (7:30 PM) on 146.72 (- 103.5)and our 10-meter net on Tuesdays @ 1930 (still 7:30 PM) on 28.450 (USB). You do not have to be a member of the club to join in! New folks are always welcome! Our club’s repeater is an open repeater. So, tune up, key up and say Hi.

From our President: OARS Pizza Party 16 Jan 2013. Msg as follows:

I am Ed Cleeves and my call sign is KF7WVVK.

I am a newcomer to our club, and it has become apparent to me that because you good people beat us at the last contest by several hundred points, I understand that we are obligated to invite you to join us in a little bit of a  party.

Our January meeting will be held on Wednesday the 16th at 7 PM and we would invite you to join us for pizza, soft drinks, and a program put on by the American Red Cross.

Please pass the word to as many of your club members as possible, and if you can give us a headcount of how many of your members would plan to attend. If necessary you can contact me at telephone number 360 – three.five.two – 5413, or use my email address which is

Driving directions are as follows. South on Hwy 101. Exit at the Black Lake Blvd. exit. Turn left and pass under the highway. Cross Cooper Point Road and continue up the hill. At your first available right, do so. That is 12th Court SW. Look for the parking lot with all the cars with ham radio antennas and find a parking space.

For those of you who have GPS the address is 2618 12th Court SW, Olympia. If there are any problems feel free to call us on the OARS repeater.

Be aware that we usually have license testing starting at 6PM, so if you get there early please feel free to come on in but do so quietly so as not to disturb the testing process.

We look  forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


Ed Cleeves, KF7WVK, OARS vice Pres

So, y’all let Ray know if you plan to attend. Ray also mentions that he has a van…

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