Next MC-ARC Meeting: 8 February 2014

Unless we get snowed in or have a hard freeze with lots of black ice preventing travel, the Mason County Amateur Radio Club will meet Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 8:30 am at the Alpine Way Retirement Apartments in Shelton, Washington. (Coffee provided)   Need directions? Y’all come join us. If it ain’t snowing. Or icy.

Send me your best QSL Card & I'll Post It!

IF you do get stuck inside, key up our repeater and give a shout. Remember our Chat Nets every Sunday & Wednesday @ 1930 (146.720 103.5) and Tuesday @ 1930 on 28.450 USB. Everyone is welcome to join in.

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  1. kimlnu says:

    Hello, I have been subscribing to your newsletter for a few Months now and will make every effort to attend the next meeting and apply for membership, My call is K7DGI and Qth is Belfair CN87nj,

    I was a member of the NKARC (North Kitsap) while living near Poulsbo a couple of years ago.however I need to participate in a ARC closer to my QTH.

    I have primarily worked 6 and 2 meters but am presently off the air, I’m building up an old boat anchor station consisting of a; Hallicrafters SX101A, HT32, HT41 Amp.. Plus hopefully a Hammarlund SPR600JX (if I can still buy it), to go with the HX-50 that I already have,

    I will need to get advice (bowing to your expertise) from some of you more experienced guys on wire antennas so I can put an effective one up for the low band operation.

    Here’s looking forward to meeting all of you and hopefully I can contribute in a positive nature to the club and its members. Thank you, and 73, K7DGI ex. WA7BTG ( Kitsap Lake), KN7JOF (Silverdale), and WB7RNZ (Reno) Kim Trails End Lake. Belfair 206 414 3226 (magic jack)

    Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 16:37:54 +0000 To:


    • n7sk says:

      As I live in Belfair, you’d be welcome to come over and at least look at the multi-band fan dipole that I made and use almost exclusively.
      Stan (KF7LTT)


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