Stolen Equipment Red Alert

If y’all are offered any of these items, or see them on Craig’s List/Ebay/etc. Please report it to the Law. Thanks:

Subject: Stolen Equipment

My truck was broken into early this morning.  A smash and grab apparently.  They broke out driver side back window on my crew cab.  Here is a list:

Agilent N9912A Field Fox Antenna & Network Analyzer, serial number:  US48310110 In a soft carrying case (similar to a loptop case).  Case contained calibration standards, cables, cable adapters and battery charger. Total value very near $20,000

Agilent N9340B Spectrum Analyzer, serial number CN03480582 In a soft carrying case.  Case contained spare battery, battery charger, cables and cable adapters. Total value very near $15,000.

Tool bag containing a huge number of cable adapters, test appliances, etc.  Conservatively the value is about $3,000.

Soft bag containing technical manuals…no real value except for materials…maybe $25.

Porter Cable battery operated drill.  Lowes part number:  PCCK600LB  Value about $150

Thank you,

James Boyd []

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