Next MCARC Meeting: 2017-08-12

The Mason County Amateur Radio Club will meet Saturday, August 12, 2017 @ 8:30 AM at the Alpine Way Continuing Care Community in Shelton, Washington. (Coffee provided) Y’all come join us. Everybody is welcome! Remember that Testing is immediately after the meeting. (See sidebar.) Also be sure to check our Forums occasionally for “stuff.”

Nope. This pic has nothing to do with Ham Radio or Belfair Bites. Just seeing who's paying attention.

Also, since this is the Second Saturday in August, the Belfair Bites, er, Taste of Hood Canal will be going on in Belfair. This year, according to their website, not only has the event moved to the Belfair Park, there will also be a $5 admission charge. You can still expect traffic through Belfair to be on the high side of horrendous so plan for it.

Anyone have any thoughts about maybe having a digital net @ 2000 every Thursday on 144.144 USB? PSK 31, Easypal, or other digital modes. May be a great way for KF7VWA to teach us all about moving messages in fldigi.

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