The “New” Repeater Is Up And Running. Help Us Test It!

Brian and I have installed the new 2 meter repeater at the Harvard water tank site and have put it on the air.  Actually, it was on the air as of Tuesday afternoon, but without the courtesy tone as it wouldn’t work for some reason.  Last night I determined that somehow an adjustment on the courtesy tone board had been knocked out of a adjustment and fixed it.  We installed the tone board today and it is now working.

So we plan to let the general ham community use the machine for awhile to see what they think.  We invite any comments or complaints about its behavior.

We have installed the new repeater in such a manner that we can go back to the old repeater easily if need be.

Larry WA7GOK

Thanks Larry & Brian for getting this important upgrade completed and for your hard work on it.

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  1. wa7msn says:

    Feedback from my last conversation was that delay after  transmission is too long, tone is both “loud and unpleasant”.

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