Mason County Amateur Radio Weather Net is Coming

At today’s Mason County Amateur Radio Club meeting, Tom Dennis KA4VVA described a new amateur radio weather net for club members. The Mason County ARES group will be the sponsor. Once launched, the net will probably be on the club’s 2-meter repeater at 0800 seven days a week.

The preferred reporting format will include observations of temperature, humidity, wind, barometric pressure, water condition, soil, and snow and ice. Results will be forwarded to the Mason County Department of Emergency Management. DEM wants real “eyeball” accounts from hams around the county.

The form shown below is available as a download in Word and PDF formats.

For more information, please contact Tom Dennis KA4VVA.

About Tom

Tom has worked with conservation districts since 1992, managing operations in two districts and providing statewide help on governance, technology, and accountability issues. He has been a board director of two state associations of conservation districts and the president of a statewide employee's association. Tom currently serves as the Executive Director of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts. Tom enjoys sailing and is a licensed amateur radio operator.
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